Lead Removal Services

Lead Treatment in Southern California

For many years, lead was used in paint for speed drying, maintaining a fresh appearance and resisting moisture. It wasn’t until after lead was a common component in paint used inside houses that it was discovered to be hazardous to human health, especially the health of children. Lead poisoning can cause serious developmental issues, among other things. Absolute Abatement can help remove lead paint from buildings and lead dust from soil, water and air.

Our lead remediation and demolition services include:

  • Removal of Lead Paint
  • Decontamination of Lead Dust
  • Commercial Lead Cleanup
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lead Removal
  • Disposal of Contaminated Soil
  • Lead Paint Encapsulation
  • Lead Paint Remediation

Absolute Abatement employs skilled technicians with training in OSHA requirements and safety regulations and expertise in lead removal. We are Lead-Safe Certified and our company has over 100 years of combined experience. If you need lead paint removed or have a lead contamination problem, call Absolute Abatement at (562) 945-4700 today!

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